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Seller Online (Chat Boat )

Seller Online – Generate 4 Times More Leads From Your Website
Seller Online Chat Tool gathers complete lead from your website visitors including their email, phone, location, and their requirement. It can be your automatic online operator for 24/7 and give reply to your website visitors in real time. Conversations through Seller Online Live Chat is faster than email and more efficient than the phone. It Leaves a long lasting impression on each of your website visitors.
Who is your target audience
  • Monitor who, how and when came to your website, how many pages refered. Then invite online visitors for chat.
  • Seller Online auto invites all your website visitors for chat, its like shaking hands with all visitors.
  • Get all chat leads notifications on your Mobile.
  • Don’t miss a single lead, Seller Online tool will give you sound notifications for each new and returning visitors.
  • Our Live Chat tool supports agent to agent chat and transfer of chats.
  • You can manage chat leads of your multiple websites from a single responsive admin panel.
  • Search chat leads using advanced search option, export leads to excel file, share datasheet with your sales team.
  • Customizable Widget, widget theme editor lets you customise chat widget as per your website theme.
  • Our Live Chat shows a series of reports, giving you an overview of your chat, Agent activity, Chats by country, Total messages etc. Using this data you can optimise your leads generation strategy and improve its efficiency.
  • Seller Online Chat tool allows agent and visitor to share files with each other, E.g. product image, catalogue, drawings etc.
  • And many more features.